Reading in Espanola this Saturday

imageFrom Michelle Holland:

The reading originally scheduled for April 29, and cancelled due to the amazing snow storm, has been rescheduled!

Hope some of you can make your way up to the Espanola Valley.  Joan Logghe will also be reading, along with a few more poets from the area.
Main Street Theater
May 20, 7-9 p.m.

Call for Submissions: Zingara Poetry Pick

Zingara Poetry Picks seeks submissions of previously unpublished poems (on-line or in print) of 40 lines or fewer for 2017 picks. New, emerging, and established poets are encouraged to submit and all submissions will be given careful consideration.

Please keep the following in mind when submitting your best poems to

  • Reading period for Zingara Poetry Picks for the second part of 2017 (June – December) is OPEN until July 31, 2017.
  • There are no fees to submit.
  • The title of your poem(s) should appear in the email subject line. Poems should be attached as unprotected word documents and mailed to
  • The body of the email can include a brief cover letter and a professional biography of 50 words or fewer written in the third person.
  • Attach a word document with no more than three poems of 40 or fewer lines
  • Only one submission at a time (please wait to hear back before submitting more poems).
  • Simultaneous submissions are fine, but please let Zingra Poet know immediately if submitted work is accepted elsewhere.
  • Published poets receive bragging rights and the chance to share their work with a diverse and ever-growing audience.
  • Poets who are published on Zingara Poetry Pick should wait 12 months before submitting again.
  • Submissions which do not follow these guidelines will be disregarded.
  • If accepted work is later published elsewhere, please acknowledge that the piece first appeared as a Zingara Poetry Pick.

What I look for in a poem:

Like all editors, I like to see interesting poems that do what they do well. Whether traditional, conceptual, lyrical, or formal, they should exhibit the poet’s clear understanding of craft and, just as importantly, revision. Very elemental poems that have not undergone effective revision will probably not make the cut. Likewise, poems which are contrived, sacrifice meaning for the sake of rhyme, feel incomplete, do not risk sentimentality (or are too sentimental), or lack tension when tension is needed, will also be dismissed. I am a fan of rich and vivid imagery, cohesive discursiveness, and surprising metaphors. Finally, poems which perpetuate harmful stereotypes of gender, race, or class will most certainly not be considered.

For a very good discussion on the elements of effective poetry, take a look at Slushpile Musings by James Swingle, publisher and editor of Noneucildean Cafe’

A note on formatting:  While I am learning more and more HTML every day, poems that contain lines which are flush with the left margin are much easier to format and post than are poems with exceptionally unusual spacing and indentation. Sometimes a poem’s spacing is what ultimately determines whether or not it is accepted.

Response time is 2-4 months

Poet News: K.L. Frank

Thanks to K.L. Frank for letting me know about Fubuki Daiko, a Taiko group that calls Winnipeg Canada home, who has presented a piece revolving around Joy’s  “She Had Some Horses.” She says it was a magnificent work and does Harjo proud.
In addition, Frank’s poem, “Medicinal,” was recently published in New Letters. 
Frank is a 200 New Mexico poet and author of poem #50, Y’a’at’eh from the 89th Inter-tribal Ceremonial.” as well as the poem, “A Wild Hare,,” which was the Zingara Poetry Pick for July 6, 2016.

NM & AZ Book Awards

Taking entries UNTIL July 1 and of course, you can bring to the Co-op lunches to save postage/UPS. Best categories to enter with none or fewest entries: business, philosophy, religion, activity book, garden, cooking.

Get entry forms and find out more at New Mexico Book Co-op

Poet News: Terry Lucas


A belated congratulations to 200 New Mexico Poems author Terry Lucas for the recent publication of his book, “Dharma Rain”

From Terry’s website:

Released in October of 2016 by Saint Julian Press, Dharma Rain is Lucas’s second full-length poetry collection. “From grim realities to wry humor, the poems of Lucas’s new book confront the mysteries of science, faith, and desire in exquisite forms, delicious language, and keen intelligence,” according to Wendy Barker, The Pearl LeWinn Professor of Creative Writing at The University of Texas at San Antonio.

​​Chard deNiord, poet laureate of Vermont, says: “In his fresh new visions of the world stripped of its former fashions, ideologies, and mythologies, Lucas writes as if he’s observing the world for the first time on his own heuristic terms, in both dexterously formal and free verse.” 

It’s available on

200 NM Poem Intern Graduates from UNM

Please join me in congratulating Alexandra, my dear and exceptionally smart intern, whose assistance and friendship during the project was integral to its success. Alexandra graduated from the University of New Mexico yesterday.



Poet News

Congratulations to Joy Harjo, recipient of the 2017 Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize for “outstanding lifetime achievement.”

Joy Harjo is awarded the prize in recognition of her contribution to poetry.

Read more at the Poetry Foundation

Tupelo Truchas Poetry Conference

Our very own 200 New Mexico poet, Lauren Camp, will be facilitating a workshop at this year’s conference. Here are a few details and a link for registration:

The Tupelo Truchas Poetry Conference is a writer’s retreat at Truchas Peaks Place in Truchas, New Mexico, in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains between Taos and Sante Fe. Truchas Peaks Place offers workshop participants a spacious adobe-style hacienda, panoramic views, astonishing 12,000-book library, sumptuous decor and cuisine.  (

June 2-5, 2017



truchas+golden+moments+17We know the value of sustained conversations that can build meaningful professional and artistic relationships. Jeffrey Levine, Tupelo Press Editor-in-Chief, will be present from the moment you are greeted before dinner on Friday through the farewell breakfast on Monday. Levine will be joined by prize-winning poets Lauren Camp, Maggie Smith, and Veronica Golos, who will likewise be present and available throughout (see bios below).

Before and after the working sessions all three faculty are available to talk with about your concerns as writers: about etymology or the “poe biz” or which presses are right for you, and more. By the end of the retreat you will have a set of new tools for writing, revision and submission to take home from Truchas and apply to your writing life.

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