#1 Matachine El Rancho 1.1.11 by Joan Logghe

He said so you remember
that night in El  Rancho
he wagged his tongue?

He said, welcome the newcomers
they are the heart also
of this valley

The word Valley makes me
hollow so rivers can flow
in a time for rivers

I have seen the snow
bless and bless the mountains
thirty seven times,

ten danzantes in ribbons,
and the malinche all in white
the two abuelos, Montezuma,

we planted corn
when the thunderbird
disappeared from the mountain

I was here before the roads
were paved and yet
vague as a newcomer

this valley goes on before
goes on after, he points
to the sky just in case

someone, up there,
needs us.

Joan Logghe is Santa Fe’s third poet Laureate, teacher, winner of an NEA in poetry, and co-founder of Tres Chicas Books. Her books include The Singing Bowl, UNM press and Love & Death: Greatest Hits with Miriam Sagan and Renée Gregorio, which won New Mexico Book Award.


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