Daily Archives: January 25, 2012

#6 Gallery Talk by M. Kaat Toy

“The heads are useless,” the painter explains.  “They don’t work anymore.  So I gather around me friends from the natural world–flowers relieved of their vibrancy, seedpods dried and broken open, bones of animals from air, water, and land.  They bring me the news–releasing me from personal history like the flood that washed through my studio.  A shriving.  Every day I put the news down in shrines that celebrate not making but that which is already made–made for us.  They emanate energy.  Great beings of light here to help us remember what we are and who we are show themselves–the interface between the possible and the impossible.”

A native of central California, M. Kaat Toy has an M.F.A. in creative writing from the University of Arizona and a Ph.D. in English from Florida State University. She is published in a variety of genres. Her collection, In a Cosmic Egg, is forthcoming from Finishing Line Press (www.finishinglinepress.com).