#13 The Limits of Civilization by Elizabeth Raby

Eleven o’clock in the morning,
the scream of coyotes
from the neighbor’s front yard
brings us out from our winter-sealed
rooms to stand in the snow
admiring the snarls, yips and howls.
Between us and them, the coyote
fence, as advertised, does its work,
so the chorus is heard but not seen.
We don’t know how many choristers
nor the cause of their dissonant song,
but it is somehow comforting to realize,
that even here in the city, creatures
so uncivilized, so anarchic and wild,
persist and thrive.

Elizabeth Raby’s three full-length collections have been published by vacpoetry.org, the most recent being This Woman. Raby has lived in Santa Fe since 2000.  She has read at the New Mexico Women Authors Book Festival and has given workshops for New Mexico Women in the Arts.


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