#25 LOSING THE CAMINO by Jane Shoenfeld

Leaving Camino San Acacio

Erased, she wanders
in dirt and sparse grass,
past the generous trees.

No one sees her near
the others’ adobes.

Where are her hands
that plucked apples?

Where is breath,
left thinner,
climbing steep terrain?

Could this be
the doorway
that once was hers?

A silhouette lingers,
in ruts off dead ends,
lost in mica dust,
longing for home near
the lane of apricots.

Jane Shoenfeld is a painter and poet.  She lived in NYC  from 1963 to 1987, when she moved to NM.  Her father was a journalist and her  mother wrote short fiction. Her paintings are the cover art  for several recent  poetry journals and she has written poetry for many years.

5 thoughts on “#25 LOSING THE CAMINO by Jane Shoenfeld

  1. This poem awakens in me a sense of longing to connect with my past and with those narrow streets on the east side of Santa Fe. The presence of a pastel drawing accentuates the longing and creates in me a sense of the possibility of rootedness.

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