Daily Archives: March 23, 2012

#42 Long Ago by Sarah Sarai

and not yet wanting to be Catholic
            I took your grandmother to Mass
Palm Sunday   Easter   An adobe church
probably   I most remember her
shrunk in the way of old women   A fit-in-
the-pocket bundle of
skin softened in time and a black veil
You have good manners
she whispered   We were kneeling on hard
wood   They’ll take you far 
Point of fact I didn’t get far but somewhere
I arrived somewhere
When my sister gave me Story of a Soul by
Therese of Lisieux she wrote
For Sarah   Who’s Almost a Catholic
The foolish expect a payoff
unaware there is nothing to anything and
if you are lovely rich
confident assertive sleep well rise early
don’t argue have an iota even of
discipline you stand a chance   My goal?
Not to be Orson Welles calling Rosebud.
All joining is in a galaxy below breastbones
Was the glinting Rio Grande
wild in your grandmother’s girlhood?
I’d spy it carving itssliver
through the valley   tall cottonwoods
rooted on the river’s banks


#41 FIRE CLOUDS by Alice Lee

In one of the overpriced galleries of Santa Fe,
We discover the work of a Japanese potter.
She uses the micaous clay of northern New Mexico.
The pots, all shapes and sizes, fired traditionally,
Create dark areas on the luminescent surface.
Unearthly, they glow,
Like the setting sun on the horizon,
The night settling into itself.

Alice Lee has been published both nationally and internationally in many journals and anthologies. She has been awarded artist residencies at Hedgebrook, Yaddo, Villa Montalvo and England and France. She is the former editor and publisher of Orca Press and Whistle Lake Press. Besides writing poetry, she also enjoys painting, gardening and travel. She lives in Santa Fe with her husband, writer, Wayne Lee, and her two golden retriever service dogs.