Daily Archives: April 2, 2012

#46 Taos at Sunset by Scott Wiggerman

The long expanse of nothing

            is partly what makes it everything.

                        Beyond phone lines and brush,


past the occasional adobe home

            and its tiny spattering of lights,

                        stretch mountains across the horizon,


backlit now with blinding orange,

            which mellows soon to a gentle pink

                        rippling across the underbelly of clouds.


Later these mountains and clouds

            turn an identical charcoal blue,

                        mirror one another as they turn deeper,


almost purple.  The last vestiges

            of pink edge into the fading skyline  

                        and the land before us goes black,


leaving only skies as wide as the West,

as promising as a lover’s dream,

            as memorable as the first time.


Scott Wiggerman is the author of two books of poetry, Presence, from Pecan Grove Press, and Vegetables and Other Relationships.  A workshop instructor, he also an editor for Dos Gatos Press, publisher of the annual Texas Poetry Calendar, and the recent collection of poetry exercises, Wingbeats.  His website is http://swig.tripod.com