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#71 Nana del Viento by Belinda Laumbach

Sopla el viento
Juega con mi pelo
como un niño.

Llego a casa.

Mamá me Saluda
con cariño.

Entra el viento
conmigo por la
puerta abierta.

Ella llama a mi padre, diciéndole,
“Mira, Martín, llegó la
nana del viento.”

Mother of the Wind

The wind blows.

It plays with my hair
like a child.

I go home.

Mother greets me
with love.

The wind enters
with me through
the open door.

Mother calls to father,
“Look, Martin, the mother
of the wind has arrived.”

Belinda Pacheco Laumbach was raised on a ranch in New Mexico.  One of her poems was included in a publication as a result of a competition for Hispanic Women Writers of New Mexico.  Although bilingual, her poetry “comes out” only in Spanish and only around themes related to the environment.