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#79 Por seguro it had worked for her daughter by Katherine Seluja

One star for each of Andromeda’s sons

each of my grandmother’s babies

six times Constantina was called to the house

entered backwards to invoke a swift labor

crushed lavender and rosemary to induce a sweet birth

medal of St. Margaret wrapped twice ’round her neck

protected the newborn’s fate           barefoot always for the delivery

Amniotic fluid streaking the sky

what spell or incantation to hold me

a woman from Cuyamungue once said

the sure way to ease labor pains

hard boil an egg     roll it gently

on forehead   throat and stomach

repeat this nine times

she was sure it had worked for her daughter

Katherine Seluja received degrees from Yale and Columbia University.  Her poems frequently reflect her healthcare experiences and have appeared in Adobe Walls, Santa Fe Literature Review, Sin Fronteras and New Mexico Poetry Review.  Her co-authored book, Braided Voices, was selected for the 2011 New Mexico Women Authors Festival.