Daily Archives: May 31, 2012

#87 Querencia by Darla McBryde

There are nights when the painter’s moon
living at the top of the night’s magic ladder
runs its shiny fingers
through the ashes of Georgia O’Keefe,
and the Cerro Pedernal whispers to the shadows.

Abiquiu Lake keeps its secrets
deep down in the Rio Chama.
Cast away with buried spells,
the flooded pictographs defy the mission bells
and still dare
to tell their ancient stories.
Standing there on the shore all alone,
just as the last rays of the autumn sun
ride the ripples of nightfall,
there where the veil is thin,
there where the dreaming light
has carved the land from wind and wishes,
you will feel the old ones watching.
You will know
you are all colors of the earth and sky,
some never seen.

Darla McBryde resides in Houston. Her work has appeared in various publications, and she is an avid supporter of poetry.  She has been a venue host and a featured poet in Austin, Houston and San Antonio.  She is presently working on a collection of northern New Mexico themed poetry