#98 Evensong by Susan Gardner

Coyote families sing to each other in the dusk.

mountains the colors of red grapes
sky bluer than lapis lazuli

Until the moonless black night
lets us see the stars

Canción vespertina

Las familias de coyotes se cantan,
una tras otra, al anochecer

montañas los colores de las uvas rojas
el cielo más azul que lapislázuli

hasta que la noche negra – sin luna –
nos deja ver las estrellas

Susan Gardner is a poet, painter and photographer. Her books are BOX OF LIGHT~CAJA DE LUZ, DRAWING THE LINESTONE MUSIC and INTIMATE LANDSCAPES. She has lived in Asia, Mexico and Europe, traveled long and often, and since the 1980s has made her home in New Mexico.


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