#100 DRAWING NEW MEXICO by Jane Shoenfeld

Everything is Glad to be Alive

Chama River,
flat as a lake,
opens up  the  bottom.
Green triangles of land,
on the right and left,
frame  the water.
Flesh orange cliffs,
rivers of sand,
flow to the right.
Dense junipers,
deep borders,
focus  attention.
A little sky, clouds
play at
opening  up the top.
more important
than anything else.

Jane Shoenfeld is a painter and poet.  She lived in NYC from 1963 to 1987.  In ’87, she moved to NM.  Her paintings are the cover art for several recent poetry journals and she has written poetry for many years.


1 thought on “#100 DRAWING NEW MEXICO by Jane Shoenfeld

  1. I like the way you’ve structured this poem, with five sections of three lines each to begin with, each section a miniature poem in itself and complete . Then the final three lines to tie it all together. Poem and painting seem one and the same.

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