Daily Archives: August 6, 2012


From “Chaco Elegies”

There are those to whom we are vermin,
or sources of food, or impediments
along the way
to the “inevitable.”
There are days when the sky tries to blow us away,
or drown us or dry us up
and we resist.
We hold in common
this Resistance
to change that discounts us,
holding on to our doors
like ants against other ants,
holding on
against trifling horrors,
holding on
to our gardens,
our children,
our calm nights,
all of us in Troy,
in Argos, Cuzco,
in Chaco and Hopi,
in Watts, Los Chavez, East L.A.,
this family of the homely
clinging to home.
There is no barrier between us.
We are continuous as the history of air.
In the Resistance
we learn
to want nothing
to be
less important
than us,
to diminish
the demon
jerking the hand of the grabber.

V.B. Price (born August 30, 1940) is an American poet, historian, author, editor, teacher and long time political and environmental columnist. He is a member of the faculty at the University of New Mexico’s University Honor’s Program and is an adjunct associate professor at UNM’s School of Architecture and Planning.