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#114 The Santo Niño Will Not Visit Turin (excerpt) by MJR Montoya

There is a Santo Niño magnet
On Belinda’s dashboard.
Faded brass with
Lace metal ornamentation,
An acrylic globe with the
Painted image of a little boy,
Shackles on his feet.
The patron saint of prisoners,
Of miners,
Of people in need.
He was the baby Jesus who ran away from
His mother,
And wore out his shoes,
Leaning on his staff,
Putting nightmares in his basket,
Feeding mercy to the
Thirsty with his water gourd.
“Did you not know where to find me, dear mother?”
He says while the temple trembles,
While the old teachers watch him take his leave.
People still put brand new pennies and baby shoes in his shrine
In Chimayo.
The Holy Child of Atocha,
He is not there,
He is out in the hills,
Ignoring the wolves,
His blue garb hiding out in between the stars,
His cockleshell completing
The smile of Orion.

MJR Montoya is a native of Mora, NM.  He is a professor of global structures at the University of New Mexico Anderson School of Management, a Rhodes scholar, and member of the Council on Foreign Relations.  His poetry is collected in a volume entitled Era of the Glass Calavera.