#129 ASPENS by Steven Hamp

Standing tall
splendid on the hill-side
white bark beckons a path
leaves whisper on the wind,
the radiant aspen gold
is an explosive flare
against a background of evergreen.

These magnificent trees,
born from fire
raging through the Sangre de Cristos
a century ago,
thrive in the burn scars
building a tight community,
now they define the landscape.

Vistas stretch the imagination
in September
stunning beauty at every turn,
a golden treasure
of short duration
becomes a moment to simply enjoy
without hesitation.

Steven Hamp has resided in New Mexico since 1981 and currently lives in Albuquerque.  His writing has appeared in various local publications.  He is presently working on a poetry collection based on New Mexico’s living landscapes and how the natural elements tie into our rich culture.


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