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#139 Tomoyo by Jaime Chavez

Poems & songs of disaster brew in my heart…
The irradiated countryside is where electronic waves pound
Gentle people who will never forget Nagasaki nor Hiroshima,
Winds whisper in their collective ear, the collapse of Tokyo
Electric Power Company (TEPCO) as waves continue shouting death
To NATO &corporate empire in the rising protest as Venus crosses the sun in the
line and memory of  fire, in the total eclipse that fills the soul.
The flower lily on the pond remembers the dragonfly.
Is this some kind of twisted Karma, Buddha watching from the distance?
Tomoyo, your gentle hand, your children, & your family are safe,
But not really, as you examine the Grants mineral belt
Looking for uranium rock to become silent so far from your homeland.
The fissures in the rocks are silent volcanoes coming back to life.
You scan the horizon, red & blue shades mixing old memories of war,
Where old women weep, wiping nuclear dust from the cloth of their memory.
It just won’t go away!  Your children can tell the Dine, Pueblo & Xicano people
About this type of shame, the shame of wall street.  Unleashed US military
industrial complex, dogs Of imperialism are still busy snapping at the doorjamb of
Nuevo Mejico, on fire where the secret of atoms are kept & you dear sister
Bear witness to all of this. Leetso, a serpent is loose in the blood!
A tsunami wave shatters your dreams & you say everything is ok?
Can you still weed your jardin in the shadow of uncertainty and nuclear genocide
Looming on the horizon?  Tomoyo, where are we going, in this time
Of astral alignments, continental shifts & Mayan prophesies unfolding?
7 volcanoes are spilling their entrails into the cosmos, & the universe is shifting.
Where are we going Tomoyo?  The damage is immeasurable & hardly anyone
Is responsible for the despair of millions.  Can you weed your garden again,
Eat sashimi or eel with seaweed from the ocean?  What does the Richter scale read,
A 5, a 7, or a 9?  Is their balance or harmony anywhere anymore?
I will know where you are when I see you dear sister, examining waters rise,
Shattered buildings, glass & concrete flying across continents & governments
Who want more nuclear reactors, as tritium migrates across the Tijeras arroyo
& songbirds announce your arrival dear sister & you continue to bear witness
At Trinity site, so we can all remember…
Dedicado a la familia de Tomoyo
         En la isla de Japon
               oh relampago del sol,
                   Un serpiente/aguila declaro…