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#143 Bruce King’s Chickens by Daniel Bowman

I won big with my chickens
at the New Mexico State Fair

I won so big with those chickens
I got to go to the 4-H Auction.

After a lot of fast talking
by the auctioneer
my three chickens finally went
to Governor Bruce King.

We got our picture taken afterwards
those prizewinning chickens
two strawhaired rodeo queens
and the Governor.

I cashed the check and then
a few weeks later I called him.
Left a message at his ranch
asking if he wanted his chickens.

A few days after that
I got a message back.
Now Danny, he said,
you keep them chickens.

Daniel Bowman grew up in the small town of Socorro, New Mexico, where he contributed articles and essays to the local newspaper.  Though he has lived in many different places since then, his connection to the Land of Enchantment continues to inform his writing and way of life.