Daily Archives: September 28, 2012

#145 La Bajada Hill Tribute by Teresa E. Gallion

You were a part of that road we call Royal.
Abandoned, left broken and unkempt,
your tears still roll down the hill.
Tears of black lava mixed with
patient intermittent trickles of water
boulder dancing with the wind.

Shuttled aside and forced into retirement,
your everlasting hunger no longer fed by
the successes and failures to reach your peak.
You still long for those days of glory when
you were king of the mountain and high-spirited
youth challenged your territory.

Everyone talks about La Bajada Hill.
But they don’t know you, the daily
challenge you presented to all who
dared to meet you with rubber to dust,
metal and smoking guns rolling up your steep back.

You have the King’s seat now
and the best view of the modern techno
masses racing against the shoulder of I-25,
the common road that misses the rolling
eloquence of the landscape.

Now only seasoned locals and devout hikers
have a personal acquaintance with your solo
of silence hiding your pain of abandonment.

History proclaims,
you were a stretch of challenge on the Camino Real
permanently enshrined in the heart of the landscape.

Teresa E. Gallion completed her Master’s Degree in Psychology from Bowling Green State University in Ohio. She has a chapbook, Walking Sacred Ground and a CD, On the Wings of the Wind. Recent work includes Contemplation in the High Desert. You may preview her work at http://teresagallion.yolasite.com and www.michaeljohnhallmusic.com.