Daily Archives: October 2, 2012

#147 Socorro Strewn with Pumpkins by Kathamann

Our favorite downtown cactus
full of flirting spiders.
Tall columns of dust demons
spin into homes.
The purple soul of the goddess
bequests treasures of rain.

Every picnic will be disrupted.
Waterfalls will form at irregular
Voices alive with candy bars
will sing with the angels.
Golden copper apricots will
become the new currency.

Dances will be held in the muddy
ballpark.  Silent neighbors will
embrace for the first time in 34
years.  Peace will descend like

Gifts will be exchanged.  Grace
will erupt like a sneeze.  Insightful
speech will echo up ad down the
camino.  Pockets full of hearts
will weep from happiness.
The light of the day will interrupt
in a new clarity.

Kathaman has been involved in painting and sculpture in the Santa Fe arts community for thirty years.  She is a retired Peace Corps Volunteer/Afghanistan and registered nurse. Her poetry has been published in numerous literary magazines, including Waving and Malpais Review, as well as included in several anthologies.