#149 Balloon Fiesta by Melinda Palacio

Four men run, chase clouds of their breath.
A misshapen ball tumbles free like a child.
Reds and oranges shoot past neighbor portals.

Bob grabs thick ropes,
a chance to help a stranger, save the day,
fetch the world in his hands, tame
the balloon like a bear roped down to its last breath
until silk falls over.

Lucky he wore his shearing gloves.
No one from Corrales or Albuquerque
built the wayward balloon with slippery knots
for hand holds. The team in matching shirts and
familiar logo hug and high-five.

Bob retreats to the adobe on his grandmother’s land,
heats his coffee in the microwave, sits
and waits for the next glint of shooting silk.


Melinda Palacio’s poetry book, How Fire Is A Story, Waiting will be published in Fall 2012 by Tia Chucha Press. She is the winner of Kulupi Press’ Sense of Place award for her chapbook, Folsom Lockdown, Kulupi Press 2010. Bilingual Press published her novel, Ocotillo Dreams, Summer 2011.

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