#195 Admirable by Amanda Saiz

There stood the image of my grandparents when they were blossoming in the black and white
portrait binded by a gold frame.
I was mesmerized by my grandmother’s admirable appearance.
The hand painted portrait was cherished by all.
Oh how I loved to stare at it while it hung on their wall.
I asked my grandmother if one day it could be mine.
This day never came because my grandparents are no longer here.
The portrait was taken as I had feared.
Now it’s just a memory of me as a young girl staring at the black and white
portrait binded by a gold frame.

Amanda Saiz, a student at CNM, is studying to become a radiology tech. she is a mother of three children. She was born and raised in Albuquerque New Mexico. She has always has a passion for poetry. This is her first publication. She will continue writing poetry in the future.


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