Poet News: Joanne Bodin

Congratulations to 200 New Mexico poet and author Joanne Bodin for the February release of her second novel, “Orchid of the Night” from Mercury Heartlink, available now through Book Works in Albuquerque.

This dark psychological thriller is about a man running from his troubled past who finds solace in the gay sanctuary of Ixtlan.  Inspired by true events, the story delves into the secrets and lies of both gay and straight lives of the two protagonists, each with their own abuses and duplicities.  Refreshments, orchids, a special performance, and more.

J.S. Bodin, a retired educator and award winning author and poet, received her Ph.D. in Multicultural Teacher Education from the University of New Mexico. Her novel, Walking Fish, won the New Mexico Book Award and the International Book Award in gay/lesbian fiction. Her book of poems, Piggybacked, was a finalist in the New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards. Her poems have appeared in various anthologies and literary publications. She plays jazz piano and is a watercolor hobbyist.

Read Joanne’s New Mexico Poem: Legendary Tale



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  1. Thank you Lisa for putting my book launch information on your website. The book launch at Bookworks was well attended by over 50 people and we did a reader’s theater to the music of Philip Glass. Sounds like you’re doing well. Take care and we will stay in touch. Joanne

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