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#136 CANCION DE AGUA/WATER SONG-TAOS by Roberta Courtney Meyers

Under the mountains  abajo de las montanas
I hear the soft beat of moccasined  feet against the ground.
Baile para las aguas.  Baile para la vida, near the center of mother earth.
Tierra Madre, madre mia.
La luna es la luz.  El sol es sangre.
This ritual was done on this dirt thousands of years ago.
Baile para las aguas.  Sangre de la vida.  Madre mia, madre tierra.

The sun shines down.  The slender moon sings.
Song flows into the valley.  Across the land voices chant.
Canciόn para los aguas.  Canciόn para la vida.  Sangre de tierra madre.  Sangre de la vida.

Far away into the future the sacred dance song floats to our hearts.
Baile para los corazόnes.  Canciόn para la tiera madre.
Todo de la gente y los animales y las plantas
deer, elk, tree, flower and bison dance and sing for sacred water.
Agua de la vida. Sangre para la tierra madre.
The old ones sing.  The children jump to dance.  The birds float on rainbowed promise.

Beings of all hues drop from the sky,
and from Asia, Russia, Africa, Europa, Sur America, America Norte.
They float from sunlit moon and stars.
Canciόn del mundo.  Sangre de la gente.

We sing and dance together.
Colors come from universes and join the dance.
We move becoming animals, flowers, one another.
Baile para los universos.
The song continues.  La canciόn continua.
The dance continues.  El baile continua.
The world continues.  El mundo continua.  The universe continues.  El universo continua.
Spirits become one with the dance.  All sing one song.
Baile para todo.  Cancion para todo.  Espiritu uno.
Nosotros cantamos la cancion de aguas de paz.
Sangre de vida.  Sangre de todo.

Roberta Courtney Meyers is an award winning actress/playwright/composer/poet/master storyteller who has performed in the U.S., Mexico and Europe.  Her work has been published in many anthologies, newspapers and magazines. 40 of her plays have been produced.