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#40 Evening in Santa Fe by Terri McCord

We chase context
with a camera,
sunset in place midway—

you wink one eye
minutes later sky
begins its slow dissolve,

descent. One word you mouth,
your lips an “O” like the sun.
I cannot hear you.

I make the sky look
torn through my lens—
clouds are rips you seem

to mend with your arms
outstretched as if
you are a scale.

We move together to higher ground.

It is on the tip of my tongue now.
What I wanted to capture.
The sun, a pill I swallow.
That close.

And the light just right
for this shot
as we glow without.

A visual artist and poet, Terri McCord is at work on a series of photographs and artworks utilizing her poetry. She received her MFA in poetry from Queens University in Charlotte in 2006. She has taught various ages through the South Carolina Arts Commission’s Artists Roster.