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#176 Rio Grande Symphony by Tony Mares

A symphony of almost things,
swirling quarks, electrons, and atoms,
circulate through the busy streets
of Albuquerque.  They are
the remnants of people,
of cultures, of pueblos, who lived here
before we laid railroad tracks,
built up the cityscape of buildings
and deadly alleys. These bits and its
of almost nothing are everywhere.
Listen and you will hear their songs
as you walk down the street.
Sniff the air, you will smell
the chile roasted thousands
of years ago.  Close your eyes
to see the clear river, the deer,
bear, eagles, mountain lions,
animals long gone who watched
people long gone from here.

Yet they are still here
in every molecule you inhale,
in every shadow you forget
or never knew about or remembered
in the first place.

I walk the streets of Albuquerque,
the sentimental paths from downtown
to Old Town.  All about me
I am aware of the immense past,
alive in the immense present,
stepping smartly into the future.

Tony Mares was born in Albuquerque though and has traveled widely. His poems in have appeared in over six books of poetry, many anthologies, on You Tube, and have been published internationally.