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#167 The Cucumber by Tomas Urrea

He washed that cucumber as lovingly as a mother would wash a new born baby.

The bucket was old, how old I can’t even guess.

It was a well bucket that had a ring forged into the handle.

And the water was reverently used so as not to spill a single drop.

In an instant I observed a lifetime.

A farmer who had to go to work for the post office to support his family of 14.

A postmaster who had to farm to keep his children from going hungry.

A life of dreams and aspirations never realized.

Yet resentments never materialized.
In the caressing of a cucumber.

Tomas Urrea is a native of Albuquerque, New Mexico where he has not yet lived his entire life.  He is an
educator/farmer/beekeeper.  He is married to Valerie, and has two beautiful daughters.  Tomas can usually be found in his backyard studio writing and sampling his homemade mead.