#106 new mexico kwansaba by Van Garrett

when i was a kid    too young

to paint with words purple as clouds

bright like a red and yellow balloon

over lobos   peppers   and  animal shaped rocks

my ten toes landed in new mexico

eyes dust storms looping and taking in

too much sun pressed earth to conquer

Van G. Garrett appreciates boxing, bull fighting, photographing hummingbirds in Tuscany, and the trumpeted sounds of Miles Davis. A watch aficionado, Van is the author of Songs in Blue Negritude (poetry), ZURI: Selected Love Songs (poetry), and the forthcoming novel The Unbuckling Days of Stacy Adams (Gee Van Garrett). www.vanggarrettpoet.com


2 thoughts on “#106 new mexico kwansaba by Van Garrett

  1. Hi Van,
    Did you work with Eugene Redmond and Darlene Roy in East St. Louis, as I did in the 80’s and 90’s? That poetry form, I believe, the kwansaba, was created by Eugene. Glad to see it moving out. Nice work.
    janet eigner

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